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Continue the story game!

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1 Continue the story game! on Sun Jul 26, 2009 3:08 am


This game works with a group of atleast 3 people. One person writes a line, the next person continues the following line, the third person continues the following line and so on. In the end you have a story, I'll bet not the best one but they're usally very funny. This is how I got passes my highschool carrer.

Here's a sample of our work.


So Hitler wanted to have a son. But needed to find a wife. The year was 1944, and hitler was growing tired of Ava Brawn,. So he went clubbing around Berlin. He went to every bar he found. One night he got beligerently drunk and decided it would be a good idea to go to a gay bar. Unfortunitly for him, over 90% of gay men had been "taken care of" by some political mad man. He found himself very flattered about what a great job he had done but decided if he looked hard enough he would find one underground gay bar. He stumbled around for hours in search of the perfect bar. He finally came to one. He went in and saw the most gorgeous man ever...Donald Rumsfeld...From the Future! After he consulted with himself whether or not he wanted to burn the bar he finally approched Donald. He couldn't live with himself if he killed Donald so he told him to leave the bar and meet him at the clock tower at 7:00 the next day. Donald left and Hitler proceeded to torch the bar. At the same time, the clock struck five...time was running short for Hitler and his love affair. Hitler was very confused on how it could be tomorrow today, but he jumped in his car after filling the tank with the ashes of the gays he just burnt. He had to hurry if he was to make it in time. On the way he passed a bunch of Jews. He ran them over and stuffed them in his trunk to fulfill his necrophilical fantasies later on... He was still fucking them. By the time this was done the clock hit six. He still had to make it across the destroied part of Berlin(Damn Americans). As he pulled up to the clock...Donald wasn't there. Donald got hung the gay bar. Hitler realized that Donald didn't make it out of the and he just used Donald's ashes to drive his car. He damned the Gods.
He wanted to see how far he could make it on Donald's ashes in his tank, so he decided to go to Thailand. Just incase he ran out of fuel he burnt a couple of Jews on the way. Somehow, China ended up as a stop on the way. He looked up and saw a love hotel. A thought sparked in his brain...I can have a hot chinese wife to have my son, he thought. So he raided the love hotel with his rage and his Lugger. He yelled his demands. All of a sudden a chinese woman appered before him. She had large muscles and stubble on her face. She said, "Twenny five dolla sucky sucky." A look of fear spread across Hitler's face, and he fished a $25 bill from his wallet... Hitler wondered how there could be a $25 bill, why he's using American currency, and why a large chinese woman would want American currency. He realized he needed to go exchange his money for chinese currency...So he burned the cheap hooker for fuel and went to the bank. Upon arriving, he realized that he was very turned on, and needed a new hooker fast. As he turned around the cold steel of a gun pressed against his neck. The street light they where standing under went out and it was dark and silent. The silence was broken by a mysterious man at the other end of the gun. It was none other than the ghost of Donald Rumsfield! "You made me feel cheap and dirty and then left me to die." Hitler replied, "I'm sorry can not win" The ghost busters appered on the scene. "OH FUCK" Donald exclaimed. Donald was never good at running so he turned to fight. He blasted the ghost busters with ectoplasmic goo, which really pissed off the ghost busters. The sticky goo covered ghost busters counter attacked. Donald then lit a match and burned them alive. It seemed Hitler was on his own. He didn't know what to do, so he tried to run away. But, Hitler was also a poor runner, and was very self concious about the flailing of his arms while he sprinted forward. Suddenly, Jesus appeared, stole his legs, and dissappeared. Jesus **1*! Hitler yelled and his halted his search for a whore to mother his son. Instead he began a search for a whore with the perfect legs.
So for now Hitler would buzz around town on a motorized scooter. He feared that all the whores in the land would turn down a cripple, but he needed to find the perfect legs! Resting a chainsaw on his shoulder, he hopped into his car and drove to the red district in Japan. Unfortunatley, it was three days after the Nagasaki bombing. He gasped at all the Jappanese fuel just laying around. He filled his trunk for later. After he took the time to do this, he felt an itch on his back. He screamed when he realized what it was. It was just the tag on his shirt. He decided that clothes were holding him back from attracting a suitable whore, so he stripped down. He was now cold and naked, on a scooter with a pile of dead ja[anese people in his back seat and a chainsaw over his shoulder. His boyfreind was appalled. Emporer Hirohito was on the horizon with his hands on his hips. Hitler quickly closed his trunk and rode his scooter up to give Hirohito a hug. Hirohito did not return the hug, instead he scolded Hitler. "Why do you come to my country and steal dead bodies?" First of all, Hitler was baffled at how his boyfriend had survived the bombing of the previous days. Hitler thought to himself, "I'm so totally dumping this chink if he gets all deformed from all this radiation." However, exposed to radiation himself, Hitler's legs suddenly began to regenerate. Ten seconds later he looked down, and realized that he had became a mermaid! The still naked Hitler now with a beautiful tail that sparkles in the gleaming sun realized how beautiful he now looked. Emporer Hirohito was speechless in amazement of his new beautiful boyfriend. Hitler approched Hirohito and Hirohito bent down on one knee, took out the largest diamond in all of Japan and spoke. "Hitler, will you marry me?" Hitler explained to Hirohito that in order for he to marry him, he needed to provide a son for him. Hirohito exclaimed, "But I bare no womb for I am a man!" "That is no problem," Hitler replied, "For I am a merMAID not a merman." Hirohito's Jaw dropped. Hirohitowas very turned on, he always wanted to share privite places with Hitler but was always rejected because he had no cooch. In Hirohito's excitement he screamed, "then the wedding shall be tomorrow, and all of Japan will come to witness!" Too bad all of Japan was dead. Hitler and Hirohito decided to make soap out of Japanese fat and sell it for $15 a bar. However, they decided to make a soap palace for their honeymoon. Six years and sixty thousand illegal workers later, it was finished. Hitler and Hirohito had the best honeymoon there ever was, and lived happily ever after.

New story start;
We were sitting in line to watch the new Harry Potter movie.

2 Re: Continue the story game! on Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:53 am


BlackBelt Poster
BlackBelt Poster
When Chuck Norris kicked my best friend Johnny in the face.

3 Re: Continue the story game! on Thu Feb 11, 2010 3:37 am


And that, is how we met Chuck Norris. Although... everything got a bit hairy once Mr. T showed up. Apparently, him and Chuck don't get along so well.

If you don't like me or what I say, Deal with it because odds are I simply don't care.

4 Re: Continue the story game! on Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:19 am


Posting Addict
Posting Addict
Her name is Eva Braun, bro. Not Ava Brawn.

"Boredom is an understatement."

5 Re: Continue the story game! on Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:01 pm


Mile High Club
Mile High Club
and Mr.T pittied the fool who sided with chuck Norris

6 Re: Continue the story game! on Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:15 pm


Mile High Club
Mile High Club
I cannot find a suitable reaction...

7 Re: Continue the story game! on Mon May 09, 2011 1:14 pm


Mile High Club
Mile High Club

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